Nostalgia Ranger (Whiny Moanin' Nostalgia Critic)

by Doug Walker and Michael "Skitch" Schiciano




This song is here to praise your heroes and suck up
Your folks will buy it just to shut you the fuck up
But still the song's so awesome you cannot deny
It makes the coolest scenes out of tripe

Go Nostalgia Critic,
Go Nostalgia Critic,
Go Nostalgia Critic,
You Whiny Moanin' Nostalgia Critic

He knows it's good to have a song that kicks ass
It should replace the lack of story, pace, and class
It will last long after there are no spinoffs
Which won't be for awhile ,cause there's always something to rip off

Go Nostalgia Critic,
We've run out of lyrics,
Nowhere else to steer it,
So we'll just ask for our residuals


released June 25, 2013



all rights reserved


TGWTG Chicago, Illinois

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